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Advertising & Branding

Branding and advertising both are tools you use to help promote your business local & global.

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

Go with digital marketing tools and spread your business & brand globally for potential customer.

Website Development Services

Website Development

It legitimizes your business and improves your credibility and gives your business an identity and virtual proof.

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Real Time Analysis

Real time analysis can change your business strategy for good and make it result driven. As we analyze customer data from multiple channels and the real-time analytic can get refreshed every second it is important to take quick actions.

By looking into multiple channels and analyzing the real time reports marketing strategies are designed for maximum return for our customers. Real-time analytic gives instant edge to your business and improve marketing performance and reduce cost at the same time. With Addofix you will get the most valuable insights to your business and in return it will add value and boost results through the applied marketing strategies.

Advertisement & Branding

Right advertising campaigns are the path to reach out more potential customers for any business. Through advertising we will help you achieve the goal of generating leads and prospects for your business. After advertising branding is how your business gets recognized.

Advertising and branding goes hand in hand. You can't achieve your brand goal without the right channels and strategies of advertising. Branding is what your company goals stand for and how customer feels about your business and products. Advertising is the tool which can help you achieve the goal by correct approach.

Paid Campaign

Paid campaigns designed specifically for your business requirements can do wonders. This can bring in numerous leads and conversion rates could be much higher. Paid campaigns though the right channel and through research is the backbone of business expansion in the current advertising world scenario.

Through the increasing number of channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and many more the acquisition of customers and leads should be targeted from the right direction. You cannot run paid ads on any platform without knowing where your potential customers are. The returns from the paid campaign will be multiple times when done correctly.

SEO & SMO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will bring organic traffic to your website and improve your rank on the search engine. Social Media Optimization (SMO) brings in traffic and potential customers to your website by leveraging social media platforms.

Both SEO and SMO are a must do for any business. You cannot rely only on your website to bring in leads or you cannot rely only on social media too for the same. Organic traffic is a must but it is a gradual process that's why SEO is the most demanded marketing service around the world. Similarly every form of customer or web user is on social media, you need to research where your customers are and leverage the social media platforms through SMO to get the best outcome for your business.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email marketing generates 50% more sales than any other lead generation methods or platforms. This is one medium which cannot be ignored if you want to scale your business. To add to the Email marketing results when SMS marketing is done simultaneously the response rates can become higher.

Email and SMS marketing are the future. Every customer or prospect of any business owns a mobile phone. To reach them through the most trusted digital means are Emails and SMS. You need permission to send Emails and SMS to anyone who signup to your business, website, app or from any other source. This increases the trust and as a result the conversion rates are higher.

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